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Legal benzo analogues

Tiletamine is a scheduled drug in the US, and is only available in a combination drug caled Telazol which contains tiletamine and the benzodiazepine drug zolazepam. The best known arylcyclohexylamine is of course PCP. There are also a handful of PCP analogues such as PCE and TCP. The effects of all the arylcyclohexylamines are very similar.

Legal Reponses to Novel Psychoactive Substances implemented by ten European Countries: an analysis from legal epidemiology ... NPS-related fatal poisonings commonly involve synthetic cannabinoids, GHB, benzodiazepine analogues and cathinones (mephedrone): these substances represented 45%, 22%, 21% and 11% of NPS-related deaths in 2019. Benzo (a)fluorene has been identified in gasoline engine exhaust at concentrations of 82-136 ug/L fuel (1). Gaseous emissions from gasoline-powered chain saws had benzo (a)fluorene concentrations ranging from 2.6-16 ug/cu m (2). Two turbine engine exhaust had benzo (a)fluorene levels of 3.31 and 16.19 ng/cu m (3). Cas111982-50-4 2fdck 2FDCK Legal Ketamine Analogue wickr/telegram:kkoalaa en Servicios Profesionales en - La Prensa Gráfica.

Benzo Fury is a brand name for a ‘legal high’. tests usually show it to be the chemical 6-(2-aminopropyl) benzofuran (6-apB), an analogue of the class a substance MDa. the drug is a stimulant and a phenethylamine. it has similar effects to MDMa (ecstasy). the name comes from the benzofuran ring in the chemical structure and should not be.

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As a Tuscan analogue of this phenomenon there is the work of Brunetto Latini, who acclimates French culture to the banks of the Arno. From among the northern humanists, or prehumanists, if we must accept the term, we may cite the life and work of Benzo dAlessandria.1 II Our principal literary source for Benzo is the testimony of his friend. .

novel analogues of this drug group were brought within the scope of their Narcotics Act. Their generic definition is based on the use of a series of structural diagrams of 16 different benzodiazepine cores, together with a defined range of modifications, coupled with a limit on the molecular weight of the materials controlled.

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